Frequently Asked Questions


How long do you plan to keep the Fund going?

The High Five Fund was created to address the harmful rhetoric and policy of the current administration, and the Fund will continue supporting causes that fight for our values until this administration no longer has an outsized influence on our politics.

Do members have the ability to opt-out of the Fund?

Yes, members may opt-out at any time. Please note, monthly members will be expected to fulfill their commitment in the month they opt-out, and annual members will be expected to fulfill their commitment until their renewal date.

When -- and how frequently -- will I be billed?

Members are billed either monthly, or annually, on the anniversary of the date joined. Invoices will come directly from Square, our payment platform. Square gives members the ability to set up auto-pay.

Why do you have an administrative fee?

Administrative fees go to the direct costs of running the fund, so that we can maximize our support to our beneficiaries. Some of these costs include website hosting, payment processing, and state/federal tax filing fees. No member or founder benefits financially from the fund.

What role do members have in selecting organizations?

Members can recommend organizations or causes at anytime through this online form. Furthermore, members are periodically provided opportunities to vote on specific organizations and/or issue areas that the Fund should consider.

What are you looking for when you pick an organization?

The High Five Fund selects organizations or causes that reflect our values: progressive politics, public institutions, people, and the planet. We aim to select organizations whose mission addresses issues or concerns that are highlighted in the news that month. When picking organizations, we also consider organizations’ overall annual budget and the impact our gift can make, the diversity among an organization’s executive staff and board leadership, as well as administrative and operational excellence as measured by independent entities like Guidestar and Charity Navigator.

Can I gift a membership to someone else?

Yes! Gift memberships are available on the Join page.

Why 200 people?

We set our initial membership goal at 200 in order to make monthly gifts of $1,000, an amount that far surpasses what any member could give individually and demonstrates the power of collective action.

Why $5 per month? Can I contribute more than $5?

We set the monthly donation at $5 because we wanted a giving fund with a low barrier to entry and a diverse donor base. In order to increase our monthly donations, our goal is to increase membership, not necessarily individual giving levels. If you’re interested in making a larger contribution, consider giving a gift membership to someone who would be interested in joining the Fund, so that not only your dollars support the Fund, but you can expand the network too!

Other than donating $5/month, are there other ways I can engage in the High Five Fund community?

Of course! As major events and policy changes occur, we look toward our past beneficiaries for concrete actions our members can take. We also invite our members to join our private Facebook group, to share resources and feedback.

Why is the High Five Fund registered as a 501(c)4 instead of a 501(c)3? What does that mean?

In a nutshell, a 501(c)4 is a membership-based organization that is allowed to engage in political activity, whereas a 501(c)3 is a direct service provider or advocacy organization that is not allowed to engage in political activity. The 501(c)4 designation is more aligned to the Fund’s organizational structure as we do not provide direct service, and this designation enables the Fund to  meaningfully realize our mission, vision, and values in relation to progressive politics. It is important to note that, unlike 501(c)3 donations, contributions to a 501(c)4 are NOT tax-deductible. However, the tax benefits of a donation up to $60, even to a charitable organization, are relatively small.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about the Fund? 

If you have additional questions about the organizations we support, making your monthly contribution, or anything else, please fill out our Contact form.