1. As a member, you will be part of a movement that funds progressive causes and believes in the power of collective action.

  2. As a member, you will contribute either $5 each month or $60 for the year (plus a minimal administration fee). The fund will then be able to support the organizations and leaders each month who will stand up for our values.

  3. As a member, you will receive information each month about the organization we are supporting and our total collective giving. Our goal is to maintain a membership of 200 in order to give $1,000 each month, a giving level few of us could reach individually. 

  4. Members will also be provided resources and opportunities to share their knowledge, engage with supported organizations, and influence the High Five Fund's giving.

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You will NOT be charged now. You will receive an invoice from Square in the next few days that will provide directions on how to enter your credit card information, including the option to set up automatic payments. Based on your selection below, you will either receive a monthly $5 invoice (plus a $1 administration fee) or an annual $60 invoice (plus a $10 administration fee). The administration fee covers the cost of the credit card transaction.
We are so glad you are joining the High Five Fund! Do you have a message for us? Want to tell us why you're excited to join? Are you connected to any organizations we should know about?

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High Five Fund Gift Membership - Annual

Annual gift memberships include $60 membership dues and a $10 administrative fee. Administrative fees cover the cost of credit card processing and the little overhead to maintain our website. The person giving the gift will receive a PDF to share with the recipient that includes information about the High Five Fund and details on membership. The recipient will be added to the membership rolls within a few days from the date of purchase.

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