We are a group of friends deeply troubled by the 2016 presidential election. In response to such hateful rhetoric and action in our national politics, we wanted to do more politically. We wanted to give more of our time - through volunteering and attending political events - but we also wanted to do more with our donations. In the days following the election, we wondered where and how our contributions could do the most good. There were so many worthy causes, and the few dollars we could give individually didn’t seem to be enough.

In talking with others, we realized this feeling wasn't unique - friends across the country were expressing similar sentiments. Wanting to capitalize on these feelings, we asked ourselves: How could we bring our friends together in an effective way? Several cross-country Skype sessions later, the High Five Fund was born.

Inspired by Michelle Obama's words, "when they go low, we go high," the High Five Fund is a collective fundraising initiative that enables us to increase our impact. In order to join the fund, members contribute just $5 each month. But when this small donation is combined with the donations of other members, we can make a big difference to the organizations we support. As a group, we will give our monthly collective donation to an organization that champions our values of people, planet, public institutions, and progressive politics. Over time, we hope more and more members will be able to share their own network of organizations and leaders that we can support through the fund. 


High Five Co-Founders on Weekly Web Meeting