The focus of the High Five Fund is not about how much one person can do on their own, but what can happen when many people join forces. We set the contribution level at $5 per month to make membership in the fund as feasible as possible for a large and diverse group of people. 

With an initial membership goal of 200 people, we plan to have a fund of  $1,000 each month, a significant donation that far surpasses what anyone of us could likely give on our own. As our membership grows, so too will our funding capacity. 

In the wake of the 2016 election, we have the opportunity to contribute upwards of $50,000 during the next four years through the High Five Fund.


The High Five Fund transforms individual donations of $5 into a collective funding force that empowers and champions progressive causes and organizations.

OUR Vision

Together, we will protect our people, planet, and public institutions through collective investment in action-oriented organizations and equity-focused leaders.

OUR Values

Donations made through the High Five Fund will support organizations who share our values:

  • People - Protecting the civil liberties, occupational rights, and political voices of people of color, indigenous peoples, immigrants, refugees, Muslims, LGBTQ communities, women, and other marginalized groups.

  • Planet - Leading efforts to combat climate change, preserve our natural resources, invest in renewable energies, and protect our environment.

  • Public Institutions - Providing and expanding access to public needs such as education, healthcare, housing, workforce development, and other institutions vital to our democracy.

  • Progressive Politics - Supporting progressive leaders and political candidates who are committed to taking action on issues of equity and social justice.